IKEA design strategy

IKEA design strategy

Russia (various)

Portfolio design strategy, 180,000m² remodelling works and 60,000m² new build retail + leisure


IKEA Shopping Centres Russia

DunnettCraven worked with IKEA’s in-house team to develop a comprehensive design strategy for refurbishing their 14 Russian MEGA stores. IKEA own and operate these substantial first generation shopping centres and, while they have been very successful, the group identified a need to completely upgrade the portfolio in 2013. The new strategy was then consolidated into a manual which forms the basis for briefing the international architecture practices retained to remodel the centres.

We then carried out some of the planned developments, including the food courts in Kazan and Ekaterinburg, both of which comprised of massive halls built around ice rinks. In Ekaterinburg a more human scale was required for the huge space and so landscape, seating and kiosks were introduced. In Kazan the area was completely transformed: a hole was cut in the first floor and the existing ground floor car park remodelled to create a 2-level food court. Restaurants with a pergola terrace occupy the upper level, looking out over a fast food area incorporating event and play spaces below.

In November 2014 we won a limited competition to work with IKEA again, this time designing a radically new type of leisure focused retail and family entertainment round a lake. This new 100,000m2 zone will link into the existing 120,000m2 Adygea centre via a new 2-storey food court and is intended to act as a template for a more diverse type of retail and leisure centre for the IKEA group. Developed with The Leisure Way, the proposals are also underpinned by a careful environmental strategy.

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