shipyard quarter

shipyard quarter

Gdansk, Poland

40,000m² retail + community use, 12,000m² cultural use and 200,000m² apartments + workspace



The shipyard quarter is an area of great historical significance in Gdansk. Flanked by the so-called ‘Road to Freedom’ to the east and the Vistula to the north, it is also positioned immediately next to the shipyards where the Solidarity union was founded. The site has been completely cleared, with the exception of the U-boot building which was constructed by the Germans in 1940 and is now listed. This will be refurbished as an arts centre that will, together with the adjacent Solidarity and Second World War museums, become a key generator for an entire new quarter. Discussions are currently underway with the city, adjoining landowners and other stakeholders to ensure that the site will be developed in co-ordination with the area as a whole. 
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