heuvel galerie

heuvel galerie

Eindhoven, Netherlands

Refurbishment of a 30,000m² shopping centre


CBRE Global Investors

The Heuvel Galerie was designed by Walter Brune in the 1980s, combining retail and catering with the major concert hall for the region in a sequence of brick arcades. The development created a south eastern pole in the city centre, encouraging redevelopment of the surrounding area. However, more recently the introduction of major shopping at the north end of the city centre has affected footfall and the area was beginning to experience a gentle decline. DunnettCraven executed a major remodelling of the covered square to the south of the site to help revitalise the area, relocating the public space from basement to ground. Together with new vertical circulation and a programme of refurbishment across the rest of the centre, the building has been re-established as a major destination for Eindhoven. 
Photo credits: courtesy of van aken architecten, photographer: Stijnstijl Fotografie
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