st mary le port

st mary le port

Bristol, UK

75,000m² mixed-use masterplan, including 15,000m² retail, county court, 20,000m² offices and 250 apartments

Masterplan 2002

Morley Fund Management and London & Paris Estates

Charles Dunnett developed a 75,000m2 mixed use masterplan for Bristol’s Lost Quarter in close consultation with the city and English Heritage. The site had been the main shopping area in Bristol until it was completely destroyed by bombing in the second world war and, with the exception of two office buildings at its north end, had remained undeveloped since.

Our plan looked to rebuild the quarter, linking park, river and old city into the adjacent Broadmead. In doing so we would be creating a new setting for the bombed churches that still remain on the site. We envisaged a rich mix of residential, workplace, retail and restaurant facilities that dropped down to the floating harbour. Recognising the importance of architectural diversity and wanting to exploit the special approach to public realm this unique opportunity provided, we asked other architects and designers to join our team. The CABE-commended plan was developed with Lifschultz Davidson, Fielden Clegg Bradley and Martha Schwartz, but has not been implemented.
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