wood's road

wood's road

London, UK

125 apartments


Kitewood Estates + Crest Nicholson

Bomb damage and comprehensive post-war development have completely transformed this area of Peckham. The site at Wood's Road was assembled from two adjacent ownerships; one most recently in use as a scaffolding yard which used the battered 17th-century Gloster House as its offices, and the other as a school which had been relocated to a larger site locally.

Our proposals respond carefully to the scale of the surrounding buildings – some of which are listed – and establish an edge to the new Cossal Park which will also incorporate some of the land vacated by the school. A new setting is created for Gloster House and the street frontage of Wood's Road, re-established by a linked series of buildings that respond to the scale of the listed building and then climb towards the park.
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